Kornati, Croatia

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The Kornati National Park is often referred to as “nautical paradise” in tourist publications. The densest archipelago in the Mediterranean offers “slalom” sailing through approximately 98 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs. Rent one of our charter boats and test your nautical skills, especially if the weather puts in some effort …

Note that you will need a valid ticket to sail trough the National Park Kornati.

The entire archipelago has an area of 320km2, which consists of around 98 islands, islets and reefs. The islands are mostly small areas while the two largest islands (Kornat and Zut) that make up 70% of the total area of the Kornati islands, while only 9 of the islands have surface greater than 1km2.

Kornat is the biggest, tallest, longest and most famous island of Kornati archipelago, and also the largest Croatian island with no permanent settlements. The most famous bays on an island are Opat, Kravljacica, Vruje, Strižnja and Lučica. Kornat is also known for its attractive tops, fort Tureta, the church of Our Lady of Tarac and a large, flat cliff called Magazinova škrila.