Molat, Croatia

Location info

Island Molat is the fifth largest inhabited island of the Zadar archipelago with surface of 22.82 square kilometers. The total length of the coastline is 48 kilometars. According to the 2001 census, the island had 222 inhabitants. Molat name comes from the Latin “mel”, “med” or melatus, which means “like honey”.

Molat has the shape of an inverted “V”, and relief is characterized by two limestone ridges, which are separated by Zapuntelsko – Brgulje valley. It is lower than the neighboring islands of Ist, Sestrunj and Dugi Otok, with the highest peak Lokardenik (148 meters).

The island is covered with underbrush, and lately it is afforested with coastal pines. Northeast coast is more indent and low, while the southwestern is steep.

Interestingly, Molat has a library with 6600 books and more members than the island has inhabitants. The books can be borrowed at any time of day or night, and the members don’t have to pay any dues.

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