Be sure to visit one of the restaurants or inns that will provide you with unforgettable moments of Dalmatian cuisine with high quality wines. Dalmatian cuisine is considered very healthy – foods are cooked easy, usually in water or grilling, plenty of fish, olive oil, vegetables and wild herbs. Dalmatian wines, olive oil and salty olives have been respected since ancient times.

We recommend

For an aperitif, try a glass of the famous Maraschino, a desert liqueur made from the autochthonous Maraska cherries. Continue with cheese from Pag, the most esteemed Croatian cheese. For the main course order the “brudet” stew, available in a thousand variations with several types of fish mixed with crabs and sometimes shells, or go for grilled fish salted with Pag and Nin salt. There is also a “ninski šokol”, specially prepared and dried neck meat, which you can combine with red wine Benkovac.